What does my hubbox “DEVICE MANAGER” panel do ?

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It’s the screen that all hubboxes are listed. You can access many informations about serial number, model number, network status and whether it is connected to the internet .

  • Box ID  : By clicking this section , you can reach the detailed information of the hubbox It’s a detailed page where you can access the dashboard,connection information, Hubbox configuration,wireless internet settings,ip information,device and account information.( This section will be detailed later )

  • Network name:  On this section, you can access the informations about whether your device collects data,last entry date,location information or version information.  On the other hand , you can add and delete boxes and restart your device from the “ reboot” button.

  • All networks: The section where you can access information of the box that appears as a list. You can also list and view all boxes or unregistered boxes.