Industrial Remote Access and Data Collection Device

    Machine manufacturers can connect and update their software running inside the machines (All brands PLC). They can see the errors online and fix them. They can make changes, optimizations on the live production lines. Second feature is data collection. X1 Connect supports most of the industrial communication protocols (Modbus Serial RS485, Modbus TCP, Siemens S7, Omron Fins, OPC-UA ). It can monitor the streaming data and send to external services.It can even evaluate smart expressions on the collected data.

Our Mobile Application is Online!
  • Our iOS and Android Apps are in Stores

    You can download the Hubbox M2M app from Google Play and Apple Store.

    With our Hubbox M2M application, you will be able to make VNC or remote desktop connections to your operator panels connected to your HUBBOX Connect X1 devices without changing the IP address and without any forwarding.

    You will also be able to directly access systems with WEB servers or systems with their own mobile applications, without making any adjustments.

What does HUBBOX do?

  • Accelerates the transition to Industry 4.0.
  • Collects data from the production area.
  • It sends instant alerts from the field.
  • It reduces the number of failures and downtimes.
  • It talks to ERP and other applications.
  • Creates M2M networks.
  • It provides direct access to the machines.
  • MODBUS TCP Gateway

    You can now use your HUBBOX Connect X1 device as a MODBUS RTU to MODBUS TCP converter.

HUBBOX Solutions

We find most suitable solutions for our customers's problems by listening to them. We keep in touch and provide continous support.

  • Secure Access:  Encrypted connection with 2048 bit SSL v3 ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384
  • 2FA:  Users can pair their accounts with their mobile phones using Google authenticator.
  • Remote connectivity:  We don't require any static IP, port forwarding , network or firewall rule modification on your local site.
  • Data Collection:   You can collect the data you want from industrial devices using protocols such as OPC UA, ModBus TCP, MQTT, ModBus Serial, Siemens S7, Omron FINS.


  • Network Solutions

    Network Solutions

    Hubbox enables you to optimize the network infrastructure of your business with its comprehensive Network Solutions.
  • iOT Solutions

    iOT Solutions

    Hubbox accelerates the digital transformation of your business and increases efficiency with innovative IoT solutions.
  • Control and Automation Solutions

    Control and Automation Solutions

    Hubbox optimizes your business processes and increases productivity with its advanced Control and Automation Solutions.
  • Communication Solutions

    Communication Solutions

    Hubbox strengthens the communication infrastructure of your business with reliable Communication Solutions and provides effective communication.
  • IT Room Monitoring

    IT Room Monitoring

    IT room monitoring is a process used to monitor the performance, security and availability of your IT rooms.
  • Industrial Panel Monitoring

    Industrial Panel Monitoring

    Hubbox continuously monitors your business's panel systems and ensures your security with effective Industrial Panel Monitoring solutions.

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