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HUBBOX Access is one of the most important systems of our IIoT infrastructure, which ensures that the entire system and your HUBBOX devices remain safe and accessible. You can access all your machines simultaneously, no need to disconnect and connect to another. No need to search for USB Dongles or browse through marked PC-Notebook-Laptop. You can access all your machines from anywhere at any time.

The accessibility level of your HUBBOX devices can be smart devices such as PLC, Panel, Driver, Robot, or just a sensor. With the "HUBBOX Access" feature, you can communicate with more than one industrial protocol at the same time while establishing M2M networks where the access level of your HUBBOX devices will provide uninterrupted access to the highest point.

In order for most of the Industry 4.0 applications to be implemented, it must be transformed into a data-generating one in existing installed systems. Although it seems possible to access the data of old or different types of machines, it is not easy to prepare a platform where all machines can speak the same language.

Here you can think of "HUBBOX Access" system as the translator of all your machines. Your machines talk to you with HUBBOX and you understand all your machines. "HUBBOX Access", which makes your machines or automation systems accessible to the utmost point, is a feature that includes the latest technologies and we will add new communication technologies every day.