HUBBOX DataCollect

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HUBBOX DataCollect receives the data on your machines and reports them to you. At the same time, it communicates with your programs such as ERP, MES, CRM and gives tasks to your machines and collects the results. It travels around the production area for you and transfers the data it receives to the platform you want thanks to the HUBBOX DataCollect. You can monitor and manage your company, machines, production data, alarm or maintenance results from every platform.

HUBBOX DataCollect provides instant access to all micro and macro scales of data collection systems. Our systems have the ability to transfer the collected data to all local or remote systems. Our data collection system allows you to use logical operators. At the same time, you can prevent unnecessary or repetitive data from creating a load on your system by making complex operations and calculations on the "TAGs" you have defined.

You can use multiple methods to trigger the "HUBBOX DataCollect" task you create on a HUBBOX device. To transfer a task you have defined to your other HUBBOX devices, you just need to select the HUBBOX you want to transfer. The operation of other tasks on the HUBBOX device you are transferring is not affected by this process.

Analyzing the data you collect with "HUBBOX DataCollect" or integrating it directly into artificial intelligence engines can be done very easily and without requiring much expertise. You can contact us in your projects that require big data and high speed, and we can give you the support you need to realize your project.