What is an industrial loT ?

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IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, which is the Internet of Things, are developing more and more in our lives. On the other hand, IoT devices that can be used in the industry must comply with harsh operating conditions and concern standards. It is used to make systems continuously workable, accessible and traceable IIoT devices make Industry 4.0 usable.

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is the compatible version of IoT technologies for all industries. The widespread use of the Internet will result in huge savings in factories and all industrial facilities because IoT can work in the industry. The effect of IIoT technologies on technology technologies; Communication can greatly increase efficiency, scalability, time savings and cost savings.

Large facilities, factories and machines built independently with IIoT technologies can now speak the same language with each other. In this way, M2M networks are created and all computers that need to work together can talk to each other.

With the technologies it has developed, HUBBOX transmits all the feeders it has collected from the production area to ERP, MES and other data analysis systems. At the same time, it prevents wasting time with unnecessary and meaningless data by making it desired. The data you will obtain with HUBBOX devices and systems will be instant and only the data you want.