What is OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)?

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OEE(Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a system that shows how the equipment used by a facility or factory is used for its products. While production is being carried out, the focus is on loss situations such as malfunctions that occur during the operation of the equipment, stoppages, equipment settings and reductions in synchronous working speed, repetition or waste.

The reason for using OEE calculations is to make control and analysis to keep the performance of different machines and other production equipment in any company at the highest level. In this way, the company makes the most efficient production that it can produce with its equipment in the production that must be carried out in desired time periods (daily, monthly, yearly). Production continues regularly and in a standard manner.

TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) It is Total Productive Maintenance. The TPM calculation is very important in order to obtain the most accurate production amount at the end of the year. In facilities where TPM functions are fully provided, all companies know how much they can produce with their existing systems throughout the year, so they can calculate how much capacity will increase with new equipment. This is of great importance, especially for fabricated production that performs fast and serial production. 

In today's world where competition is taking place on a global scale, keeping the order and delivery times as short as possible, different equipment of the production facilities and smart automation production technology are kept at the highest point in terms of TPM performance. So, efforts are made to be at the highest level among competing companies.