What is Remote Access? How to Make a Secure Remote Access Connection?

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Remote access; It is the general name given to the methods that allow you to connect and manage information systems located remotely using the internet from any location. Using the computer or any application you want to access over the established remote access connection brings many convenience as well as many security risks.

Remote Access or Remote Connection enables you to connect to your information systems with internet connections, as well as providing access as if you were physically there. With our HUBBOX solutions, you can connect to your machine and automation systems remotely as if you were connected to your system with a cable. Although remote access and connection systems are designed and used for many different environments today, technologies that enable machine and automation systems to be remotely accessible are newly used.

With the remote accessibility of the systems, security concerns come with it. At this point, it is necessary to investigate and know the security levels of the remote access method or tools you choose and what kind of infrastructure systems they use. The encryption of the data traffic that occurs during remote access, and the authentication of the connected location and the connected system must be provided with high-level security systems.

You can use file sending, file sharing, PLC and panel updating and similar features to your remote connection machine and automation systems established with HUBBOX solutions. Established connections are undefined or digitally signed certificates are included in this traffic to prevent access by anyone trying to infiltrate your systems.