What is Offline data collection with ''HUBBOX Connect X1''?

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Data has always been important in production facilities. Until today, data collection systems have been provided by asking operators to fill in forms manually, and systems have been developed to digitally collect these data with the use of developing technologies in the industry. But the data entry methods of these systems have not changed completely, it resulted to move to digital of manuel operations as possible.

Today while machines can transmit their data to the desired media, when they cannot transmit the data they collect, they do not have a system to decide which data they can store or when they can transmit. In our "HUBBOX Data Collect" system, which we developed to prevent the loss of data produced by operators and machines due to transmission errors, offline data collection feature ensures that the data of the machine and its employees are stored until the connection systems return to normal and when the connection is restored, the missing data is transmitted as it should. This is called offline data collection with "HUBBOX Data Collect".