What is SCADA, where is it used, what are its advantages?

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SCADA systems are a system where facilities and machines consisting of wide and many control points can be monitored from a single center with devices such as computers, mobile phones or tablets. Access to the system is usually carried out from a single control center, but with today's developing Internet and IIoT systems, businesses with such systems have the opportunity to access SCADA systems from anywhere.

 SCADA Systems Features; 

  •  Simulation of facilities and machines with graphics and indicators,

  •  Active monitoring,

  •  Alarm System,

  •  Analysis and Reporting Systems.

SCADA consists of 3 parts;

  •  Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) 

  •  Communication System

  •  Control Terminal System (Master Terminal Unit MTU)

Communication Protocols;

Many devices used in industrial applications use industrial protocols such as ModBus TCP / Serial ProfiBUS / NET, CANBus, RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 to connect to computers or each other. Today, systems developed to communicate these data with production information systems (ERP, MES, CRM) and platforms and devices developed to access these protocols are produced.

The most used SCADA software; WinCC, Citect, ICONICS, iFIX, Indusoft, Entivity Studio. There are also companies that produce their own SCADA software for their requests, and their number is increasing day by day. The advantage of SCADA is that all production stages can be controlled from a single center. It has a wide usage area due to these features it provides.

  •  Energy Production Facilities

  •  Water Collection-Treatment-Distrubition Facilities

  •  Trafic Control Systems

  •  Automotive Industry

  •  Natural Gas Facilities 

  •  Food Industry etc.

SCADA Advantages;

  •  Instant monitoring and allowing intervention

  •  Increasing time and manpower productivity

  •  Energy consumption tracking and savings

  •  Tracking past records

  •  It has great advantages such as getting instant information about the operation of the system (switch status etc.).